About us

QPTI was established in 2013, and the headquater located in Taipei. We are a group who are passionate with innovative ideas and eager to contribute our professional experiences to make the world become better, help our lives to be enjoyble and enriched as well. 


The optics technology ,and the integration of hardware and software is our core value, which we have taken root to focus on the development in the field for decades. Moreover, this is our honor and grateful experiences to cooperate with our business partners and have built our products successfully together, we all expect to create an advance path forward a pioneered future.  


In terms of our development history, we have been awarded several prizes during 2013-2015 in Taiwan,

   ※Taiwan Excellent Award

   ※Top 100 Innovation Products Award

   ※Taipei International Electronics Industry Exhibition 

   ※ Technology Innovation Award 

Furthermore, the first Android system portable projector we designed have been launched in the market in 2014. We are pleasure to introduce ourselves to the world, to solve the problems with positive attitude. Please review our all products information in our official website. 


Our developement team is full of expereince and good at developing the intergration of hardware and software design. The products what we have launched are Andriod Smart projector, 1080p LED projector, UST projector, 4K laser TV. 

In near future, we plan to develop smart functions and combine them into the world we called cloud computing and streaming. 

We do the service to assist our clients to solve their problems and improve their needs to be more innovated. Nowadays,we all are dedicated to the efforts on the sustainability. The most we care about is our environmental around our lives and the earth. It is no doubts, we will be continuing to make our products forward to this goal. 

Established : 2013
Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
Global operation base: 
R&D Center: Taiwan, Shenzhen, China.
Manufacturing Center: Taiwan, Shenzhen, China.